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Leave Benefits of U.S. Postal Workers

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The United States Postal Service has always been known for the many benefits it offers to its employees. Not only do they give one of the most competitive pay rates in the country, this independent federal agency also grants health and life insurances and generous retirement plans. Another perk enjoyed by certain United States postal workers is that of paid leaves. We say “certain United States postal workers” because not everyone who works for the USPS enjoys are covered by the leave program.

Full-time career employees, part-time regular career employees, and part-time flexible career employees also get paid leaves. Temporary employees assigned to rural carrier duties get paid leaves to the extent provided in the USPS National Rural Letter Carriers Association National Agreement. Although transitional employees do not fall under the leave program, they still earn leaves as set forth in their union’s national agreement with the USPS. Those who do not earn leaves are postmaster relief/leave replacements, non-career officers in charge, casual employees, and workers on a contract basis.

Full-time employees who have been with the USPS for less than 3 years get 13 days of leave per year. Those who have been working for the USPS for 3 to 15 years get 20 days per year while those who have worked for the USPS for more than 15 years get 26 days of leave per year.

USPS employees also earn sick leave. They can use this when they get ill, injured, are pregnant, or when they need to seek medical/dental examinations and treatment. The good thing about sick leaves is that it is accrued and credited at the end of each pay period in which it is earned. Employees can carry over an unlimited amount of sick leaves per year. Both fulltime and part-time USPS employees earn 13 days of sick leave per year.

Under the FMLA or Family Medical Leave Act, USPS employees can also go on an unpaid but job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons. Employees may use this to care for their child after birth or placement for adoption or foster care; to care for their spouse, child, or parent with a serious health condition; or to recuperate for their own serious health condition which will render them unable to do their jobs. However, only eligible employees are covered under the FMLA. Eligibility requirements include having worked for the covered employer for at least one year for 1,250 hours and if there are at least 50 employees within 75 miles.


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