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For majority of the postal worker employment opportunities with the United States Post Office, passing the postal exam 473-e is a major requirement. It is a time-pressured exam which seeks to determine if a job applicant has the skills necessary to make him or her succeed as a postal worker. Aside from the self-administered personality profile and experience inventory test, the postal exam 473-e is composed of 3 main parts: ¬ĚPart A on Address Checking; Part B on Forms Completion; and Part C on Coding and Memory. Applicants need to get a minimum score of 70 so they can be placed in the eligible roster of candidates who can possibly get called for an interview.

But did you know that apart from city carrier, mail processing clerk, mail handler, and sales/service/distribution associate positions, there are also other postal worker jobs that require applicants to take other postal battery tests? The USPS is a large and complex organization which is hailed as the “most efficient” in the world based on a recent survey. It needs to be a well-oiled machine comprised of other postal workers whose job does not necessarily involve handling mail.

Personnel have to see to it that the equipment used by the USPS is in top shape. Technical maintenance jobs are performed by building equipment mechanics, maintenance mechanics, electronic technicians, area maintenance technicians, and mail processing equipment maintenance mechanics. To be considered for these positions, you need to pass postal exam 955.

Custodial jobs of the USPS are restricted to preference eligible military veterans. They need to take postal exam 916 to be considered for this position.

Data conversation operators work in the Remote Encoding Centers of the USPS which are found in Utah and Kansas. This is a long-term temporary job. Applicants need to take and pass postal exam 710 in addition to the other postal job requirements before they can be hired.

The US Postal Service operates one of the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world and they need experienced and responsible drivers to carry and pick up mail and parcels. Motor vehicle operators need to take postal exam 230 while motor vehicle operators/tractor trailer operators must take postal exam 238. Tractor trailer operators, meanwhile, must take postal exam 240. These are not really tests in the traditional sense of the word but are questionnaires that seek to determine an applicant’s driving record and experience.

Of course, the USPS also hires auto mechanics to ensure that all the vehicles in their fleet are in top condition. Applicants for automotive mechanic positions need to take postal exam 943 while automotive technicians must take postal exam 944 together with the postal exam 943.


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