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For those who want a USPS career, there are various postal job openings that can be applied for. Needless to say, the competition is fierce as US mail jobs are made available to thousands of prospective applicants all over the nation via the USPS website. One of the reasons why a lot of individuals want to be postal mail carriers is the very attractive base salary which can range from $44,292 to $57,704 annually. Factor in the overtime pay, generous leave benefits, insurance coverage’s, and retirement plans, and you understand why UPS postal jobs are in great demand.

If you want to get a job in your local post office, knowing when your post office is hiring is essential. Granted, all available US postal services jobs are placed in the USPS career website. But if you don’t like to move and are looking for a chance to work in your local post office then you have to be more resourceful about your job hunt.

Before you start applying, make sure that you already have your resume ready. Be sure to include relevant work and educational qualifications that will highlight why you are the perfect candidate for the job. It’s actually a good idea to also to create an eCareer Profile in the USPS website and apply for a postal job opening in your area through the system. By filling in the online application form, you get an idea as to what you should include in your paper resume.

The next step is to pay your local post office a visit. Inquire for jobs that are available right now or prospective positions which might open up in the future. Ask if it is all right for you to leave your application letter and resume so that you can be considered for the position when it opens.

Now just because you’ve already left your application with your local postmaster doesn’t mean that you will just sit and wait for them to call. You can increase your chances of getting a post office job if you regularly check for openings in the USPS website. These jobs are posted as they become available so it is to your advantage to be judicious in your checking. You can apply for as many postal service jobs online but you do have to fill out an application for each one in their website.

Since you can get scheduled for an online postal exam when you submit an online application, now would also be a good time to start reviewing for the postal exam 473, the test you need to take for entry-level career positions in the USPS. Familiarize yourself with the contents of the test by studying postal exam study guides and taking advantage of free practice tests. Keep in mind that you need to get a very high score among all other exam takers so that you get a shot at getting called for an interview and finally bagging the job.


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