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Is the Postal Exam Hard? Part 2

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In the first part of this article, we answered the question “Is the postal exam hard?” by examining postal exam 473-e, postal exam 710, and postal exam 955. Now, we continue finding out just how difficult postal battery exams are for USPS postal tests, 230/238/240, 916, and 943/944. Read on!

Is the Postal Exam 230/238/240 Hard?

No, because these postal tests are not really exams in the real sense of the word. It is more like a questionnaire where you will have to answer questions about your driving record and experience. Although the USPS converts your answer to a numerical score, they will not give data on how they do so. The only tip that can be given here is to be honest and consistent with your answers.

Is the Postal Exam 916 Hard?

Not at all, especially if you have lots of common sense. Even if there is no study guide for the postal exam 916 which is administered for preference eligible military veterans who want to take on custodial jobs with the US Postal Service, the topics covered here are quite easy. In all likelihood, veterans have already encountered these topics in their training. Test sections include Vocabulary and Reading, Basic Safety, General Cleaning, and Following Written Instructions which are all rather elementary.

Is the Postal Exam 943/944 Hard?

Yes! Why are we so certain of this? First of all, the postal test 943 is for those who are looking to be Automotive Mechanics with the USPS. You need to have been a professional mechanic for a number of years to hack this test. If you want to be an Automotive Technician, you will have to take postal exam 944 in addition to postal test 943. So you can imagine how difficult it is going to be. In addition to your extensive work experience, you can brush up on the knowledge you need for these tests by looking at manuals and other text books on the topics that will be covered since there is no single reviewer for these postal tests.

So is the postal exam hard? The answer is that it depends on the test you will take. By preparing for it in advance you increase your chances of obtaining a high score that is necessary for you to get called for an interview. If there are free postal tests that you can find online, by all means use it. The more often you review, the better. Good luck!


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