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Is the Postal Exam Hard? Part 1

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A common question that candidates for positions within the US Postal Service want answered is if the postal battery exam that they will take is hard. Well, the answer really depends on various factors like the type of exam you will take, your skills and aptitude for the job, your previous experience, and of course, your preparation. Let’s answer this question within the context of the common postal tests that you will most likely take.

Is the Postal Exam 473/473-e hard?

Technically, the most popular postal battery test in the USPS arsenal is very easy. Address Checking, Forms Completion, and Coding and Memory do not require any other special skills except reading, memorizing, and comparing. But the 473-e has a very high failure rate because it is under intense time pressure. The key here is to practice using the free online postal exams so you get used to the type of test and the instructions you need to follow. Make sure that you practice electronically since the 473-e is administered on a computer.

Is the Postal Exam 710 Hard?

We have to say yes for the exam 710. Not only is it under extreme time pressure like the 473-e (imagine being given only 3 minutes to answer 20 questions, for example), the sequencing and comparison sections are confusing, too. You also have to be prepared for the circuitous Following Written Instructions portion so as to be able to give the right answer. The Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation and the Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Sections only require brushing up on these areas. As for the Mathematics portion, well, you’re not allowed to use calculators but since only pure math questions are given, you should do well if you do a lot of practice tests and review the mathematical concepts you once learned in high school.

Is the Postal Exam 955 Hard?

The postal exam 955 is for those who want to fill technical maintenance jobs in the US Postal Service. The second session on the Multicraft and Spatial Relations sections are, without a doubt, utterly difficult. Only those who have extensive experience on the technical fields covered and can brush up their knowledge by doing reviews of various books on the subject have a shot at this test. To make matters worse, no one reviewer covers all topics for this test so you really need to know which manuals and books to bury your nose at.


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