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Important Points to Remember on Postal Exam Day

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If you are taking a scheduled postal battery test, you are no doubt anxious. After all, your possible employment to the United States Postal Service depends on your passing the test. Fail to get a minimum score and your dreams of getting hired with the USPS are certainly going to be put on hold as well. Thus, your actions on exam day are just as important as the preparations you have taken to review the test on the weeks leading up to it.

On the day of the postal exam, you have to remember to give yourself sufficient time to prepare yourself for the test. We’re talking about the rituals you usually do like taking a bath and eating breakfast; preparing all the things you need to bring for the test; the commute or ride to get to the testing site; and the precious few minutes you need to compose yourself before the actual test starts.

If your test is scheduled in the morning, your preparation starts the night before by seeing to it that you get sufficient sleep. It’s certainly not the best time to hang out and have an all-night drinking session with friends. In the same manner, it’s not also a good time to cram and do some last minute reviews. You should learn to relax and even take your mind off the test in the morning and just focus on getting some sleep. Admittedly, this is difficult but relaxation techniques like yoga and even simple breathing exercises will help calm your nerves.

On the day of the test, stick to your usual routines. Eat a nutritious meal since you need the energy to go through the grueling 3 or 4 hour test. But make sure that you don’t stuff yourself since you might feel sleepy while taking the test.

See to it that you have everything you need to take the test. The USPS will communicate with you regarding things that you should bring on exam day so review your notice. At the least, you will need your admission test and your picture I.D.

Make sure that you give yourself enough time to get to the testing venue. You should have already checked out the route the day before the test and determine the best route to take depending on the kind of transportation you are using. If you are driving yourself there, check out the roads that will not get you stuck in traffic and if you are taking public transport, see to it that you check out the bus schedules and take the one that will still give you enough time to get to the site. If there’s a cardinal commandment that you must remember on this day, it is this: Thou shall not be late.

When you arrive at the venue, take a deep breath and relax. If you know that you have prepared then you should not have anything to fear. Focus on the test and you will do just fine.


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