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How to Work your Way up the Ranks in the USPS

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The United States Postal Service is an independent federal agency that works to deliver letters and parcels in both domestic and international addresses. It relies only on the sale of stamps and its other services to fund its operations since it does not rely on tax dollars for these. The letter carrier is the most common face of the USPS. For many neighborhoods, one or two mailmen are faithfully seen plying their established routes each day and greeting homeowners by name. Many of them eventually retire as mail carriers.

However, if you are not merely content to be one of the rank-and-file, you can take advantage of the various career development initiatives that the USPS gives to its employees. These programs enable those who want to ascend in their postal careers by giving them trainings and education to prepare themselves for the task.

The official training center for employees of the U.S. Postal Service is the National Center for Employee Development (NCED). It offers national job skills training and training that supports postal automation efforts. Although there are resident classrooms, the NCED also uses distance learning technology to offer critical job skills training to postal employees who might be unable to attend classroom classes. Live satellite broadcasts, teletraining, computers, and the Internet make this possible.

If you want to be a supervisor, you can join the Associate Supervisor Program (ASP), a 16-week training program which combines classroom training and on-the-job assignments to develop technical, operational, administrative, and leadership skills for first-line supervisory positions. A coach guides and gives you leadership training while you’re in this program.

The Managerial Leadership Program is a two-week program for those who aspire to become managers. Trainees are educated on the interpersonal and developmental aspects of leadership; coaching, giving and receiving feedback, and effective messaging; managing difficult business conversations, team development, and power and influence. This program is intended for those who already show potential as managers and have the ability to move into higher level leadership positions.

If you are currently in a non-executive position but want to move up to an executive role then the Advanced Leadership Program is for you. However, you need to have a sponsoring Executive nominate you and your Vice-President must approve of the nomination before you can enroll in the program. The Advanced Leadership Program is a three-week program that focuses on Business Foundations; Personal Development; Business Leadership and Business Case presentation. The Executive Competency Model is used as the basis of the program.

Postal workers can move up the ranks by getting training and furthering their education through these programs. If you are interested in advancing your postal career, do your job well now and ask your postmaster about these leadership opportunities.


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