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How to Succeed in the Postal Exam 473/473-E

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The postal exam 473-e that all aspiring workers to the US Postal Service must take before they can be hired is challenging not because the items are inherently difficult. In fact, the questions are basic and simple. But they become mind-boggling because of the time pressure involved. When you consider the fact that you are given only seconds to answer one question then you know that the heat is on. Plus, there are built in penalties for guessing so you can’t just throw caution to the winds.

So to help you succeed in the postal exam 473/473-e consider doing the following things:

  1. Learn all you can about the postal battery 473-e. You are off to a good start by reading this. There are resources which you can find online or in bookstores about the electronic version of the 473. The USPS website ( also publishes an orientation guide for the postal test 473 which gives comprehensive information about this test. It’s free so just download a PDF copy when you can. When you know what the parts and instructions are, you have already prepared yourself halfway for the test.
  2. Determine the skills you need to improve on to ace this postal test. The ability to answer questions quickly and accurately is essential in getting a good score. You must be able to keep your focus under intense time pressure. You must be able to concentrate even amidst distractions and disturbances. If you notice that you lack these then you must practice. Hone them through exercises and training. Practice exams and study guides will help your preparation. Have someone time you as you answer and try reviewing and answering questions in places which you know you will be disturbed. The more you can keep your wits about you during these times, the better prepared you will be for the test.
  3. Practice. Although the postal exam 473-e is an aptitude test, the practice tests will help you get a feel for the test. The items that you answer in the study guides may not be the ones that will appear in the final test but being able to answer similar items goes a long way towards increasing your speed and accuracy which, as we have already discussed above, are two essential skills you need to have to succeed in this postal test.

Finally, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back after each study session. Doing so is your way of affirming your efforts for such a huge undertaking and congratulating yourself for a job well done. By being in a positive frame of mind the whole time, you are mentally and emotionally psyching yourself up for succeeding in the postal battery exam 473-e.


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