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How to Study for Postal Exam 710 (Part 2)

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In Part 1 of this report on the postal exam 710, we discussed tips on how you can prepare for the Clerical Abilities part of this test. For Part 2, we give you tips for effective preparation of the Verbal Abilities section of the 710.

The time pressure for the Verbal Abilities portion is not as intense. You have 55 questions to answer in a single 50-minute period. The test is broken down into three sections: 1) Following Written Instructions, 2) Grammar, Usage, & Punctuation; and 3) Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension.

The first part on Following Written Instructions is unique because you don’t only follow instructions. You also have to create a preliminary answer which is a letter and number combination. Then before you can choose the answer, you need to look up the preliminary answer you have arrived at on a table provided. To ace this part of this postal test, you need to read the instructions carefully but thoroughly. But be careful not to dwell too long on one question (there are 20 questions). Just go back to a more difficult number if you have time.

For Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation, you will be given 20 questions that test your ability to use English grammar properly. Although you may be speaking and writing English everyday of your life, you still need to review the different grammatical and punctuation rules that govern our language. There are many textbooks that will help you review for this part thoroughly so make use of them.

In the Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension sections, you deal with each of the two sections separately. In the Vocabulary part, you will be given a question in each number where one word is highlighted. You will be given four choices and the answer that you will select should be the one closest in meaning to the highlighted word. Look for clues in the sentence that will tell you what the meaning is of the highlighted word. Sometimes, the sentence itself contains the meaning of the word and all you have to do is find the synonym among the choices.

The Reading Comprehension section gives you a passage to read. Then there will be four sentences related to the passage which you have just read after it. What you need to do is choose the sentence that supports the paragraph. To ace this part, you need to do a lot of readings so you can acquire the habit of spotting the main topic of a paragraph.

Through regular review of the topics covered in the postal exam 710, obtaining a high score will be possible and that aspired for postal job will be within your reach.


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