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How to Score High in the US Postal Service Test 473

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The most common test for prospective applicants of entry-level career positions in the U.S. Postal Service is postal exam 473e. This is an aptitude test that seeks to determine if a test-taker has what it takes to do Postal Service jobs. The 473e is an electronic test which is taken at a supervised testing center and replaces the pencil and paper test 473 and test 473c. Those who want to be letter carriers, mail handlers, postal clerks, sales associates and distribution associates are required to take this test.

The postal exam 473e tests an applicant’s skills on Address Checking (Part A of the test); Forms Completion (Part B); and Coding and Memory (Part C). A minimum score of 70 is needed to make it to the eligible roster of applicants but usually, only those who have obtained scores in the 90s will get called for an interview and proceed to the next step of the hiring process.

The postal exam 473e is highly-competitive. There are thousands of applicants all over the nation and only limited slots are available. As the USPS faces its fiscal problems, the available positions continue to decrease which makes scoring high in the test 473 even more challenging. Here are some tips to help you score high in this test:

  • Reviewing is essential. Yes, the 473 is an aptitude test not a test of facts. But by reviewing, you will be able to get an idea of the kind of postal exam questions that will come out. You will familiarize yourself with the layout of the test, including the instructions and time limits for each part. With this information, you will be able to strategize on how best to answer the questions as accurately as possible in the quickest time.
  • Pace yourself. The time restriction for each part is the biggest killer of this test. In fact, this is one reason why a lot of applicants get low scores in the 473e. They don’t know how to pace. Most of the time, they spend too much time in one question and realize only too late that they don’t anymore have enough time left to answer the rest. Pacing is a strategy that you need to practice. Be sure to answer the practice drills under the same time pressure as the real test so you know how to utilize your time wisely.
  • Believe that you can ace the test. Picture yourself not only passing the test but passing it with flying colors. Your mind is a very powerful tool. For as long as you know that you have prepared well for the test then you have nothing to fear. You can greatly increase your chances of scoring high in this postal battery exam by visualizing your high score. Good luck!


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