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How to Pass the Postal 473 Exam

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The postal exam 473 is a test given to those who want to become clerks, carriers, mail handlers, distribution associates, and work at other entry-level jobs with the US Postal Service. It is an aptitude test that aims to check if you have what it takes to perform the job of a USPS employee. The 473 postal exam is a way of screening job applicants for job-related criteria and because of the sheer number of those who want to work for the postal service, it is highly-competitive.

This postal exam consists of four parts. Part A is the Address Checking part consisting of 60 items. You are given only 11 minutes to answer the questions which basically lets you determine if two given addresses are the same. Part B is the Forms Completion test which contains 30 items. You will have 15 minutes to identify information for completing forms correctly.

Part C is composed of two sections. Section 1 on Coding has 36 items that must be completed in 6 minutes. Here, you are asked to identify the correct code to assign for a given address. Section 2 on Memory also has 36 items but this time, you are given 7 minutes to complete it. You will need to memorize codes to be assigned to a range of addresses. Part D is the Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory. This has the most number of items (236) and must be completed for 90 minutes. It is a test that aims to determine your tendencies toward job-related characteristics and experience.

Part D of the test can now be taken online when you first apply for a vacancy in the USPS website. You will need to just have a minimum so that you are ranked with all other applicants who applied for a particular position. Your exam results can also be used in applying for other jobs in the postal service for a certain time period.

Since the US Postal Exam 473 does not test your knowledge of facts so you can’t prepare for in the same way that you prepare for the SAT or any other conventional test. But by answering practice 473 postal exam questions like the one found on the USPS website, you get a feel for what the test is like. You also know what is demanded of you mentally when you take the test as well as what the mechanics are for taking the test.

Since sample practice tests for the postal exam is readily available everywhere, don’t miss the opportunity to use these to review. Doing so will help you develop your recognition, memory, and speed. It will also help you develop discipline to try to answer the exercises correctly. In the 473 postal exam, credit is given to correct answers only. You may also be penalized for guessing or giving the wrong answers.


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