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How to know if you’ll Pass the Postal Battery Test

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Applicants to USPS job opportunities will always have one specific hurdle to conquer before they can get their dream job of working for the Postal Service: They need to pass a postal battery exam. Whether it’s postal exam 473-e, postal exam 916, postal exam 943/944, or postal exam 710, you need to get a high score in it. If you don’t, it’s very likely that you won’t even be called for an interview.

With the diminishing number of postal jobs compared to interested applicants for postal service opportunities, the whole exercise becomes intensely competitive. You need to be among the top scorers in the particular battery test o advance to the next level in the hiring process. This is why numerous websites have sprung up, giving false hopes to applicants that they can pass the test with their “proven” system or study guide. The FTC has warned against such scammers and it would be to your advantage to closely scrutinize any company that claims such promises.

But did you know that you will know if you will pass the battery test or not by just asking yourself a few questions and giving honest answers? That’s right. While we don’t have a crystal ball that will help you see the future, these questions should enlighten you on your chances of passing the test or not.

Do you know the details of the postal exam that you will take? We’re talking about instructions, test types, time limitations, and other details pertinent to the exam. Understanding what the postal test is really all about gives you familiarity which will give you the confidence to take the test and get a high score.

Were you able to do the practice drills? In postal test 473-e, timing yourself while answering the drills is very important. The more sample questions you encounter, the better your chances of obtaining a high score. If you’re using quality study guides, these items are the closest to the real ones you will encounter in your test, making you more confident and highly-likely to ace the postal test.

Can you hack the time limitations? Most postal battery exams are under intense time pressure. If you are not the type who panics easily then you will do a good job in the test. However, you should be able to pace yourself when answering the test so you won’t spend too long a time in only one number. If you are the type who gets easily scared, pressured, and excited, then in the early part of your preparation stage, you should learn ways to calm yourself.

If you answered the three questions above in the affirmative, then there’s a very good chance that you will ace the postal test.


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