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How to Help USPS Letter Carriers Do their Jobs Better

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Letter carriers of the United States Postal Service are the link between us and our mails. Without them, we would have to do the time-consuming job of picking up the mail ourselves in our local post office. These tireless workers ensure that our letters and parcels get to us on time and in good condition. They carry mailbags that can weigh up to 35 pounds and load and unload containers that can weigh up to 70 pounds.

Indeed, the job can be tough and certain acts that postal clients do make their jobs even tougher. There are things like dogs chasing after them and the weather that can make it dangerous for them to do their jobs.

So if you have always appreciated what your postman does for you, here are some things you can do to help them do their jobs better:

  • Keep your dog away from the gates. Unless you are there to ensure that your canine friend doesn’t take a bite at your letter carrier, you’d be doing yourself and your carrier a favor by making sure that he (the dog) is kept away from the gates when the letter carrier delivers your mail.
  • Make sure that your mailbox is not blocked. Trash cans and vehicles should be kept away from your mailbox. In order for letter carriers to deliver their bag of mail at the end of the day, they have to perfect putting the letter right into your mailbox without getting out of the car. Obstacles in front of the mailbox take up too much of their delivery time.
  • If you’re going on vacation, be sure to have the post office hold your mail. This can easily be done online through the USPS website. So if you’re planning a trip locally or abroad anywhere from 3 to 30 days and can’t attend to your mail, be sure to use the USPS “Hold Mail” tool.
  • If you’re moving temporarily or permanently, be sure to change your address so your mail can be forwarded to your new address and the letter carrier won’t waste time delivering mail in a house you don’t live in anymore.
  • Don’t go ballistic if your mail is late. The letter carrier is only human. He can get sick or might be filling in for a co-worker who is. Give it sufficient time and if the mail doesn’t arrive within a reasonable time frame, give your post office a call and inquire why.


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