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How to Become a USPS Postman

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Perhaps no other occupation has been immortalized in song as that of a postman. The catchy beat that starts with “Stop! Please wait a minute, Mr. Postman” has glamorized the profession to some extent that many want to have a postal career. While the tune of this old hit might give the idea that everything is all roses for those who are fortunate enough to hold US Mail job openings, it’s important to understand that no profession is without its own drawbacks.

Becoming a postal carrier requires you to be physically fit and healthy since you can expect to deliver mail on foot or by car in all kinds of weather. If you are a mail handler, you need to sort, organize, and lift containers of mail. You will also be on your feet most of the time. This position also requires a bit of flexibility as you may be asked to work overtime (paid, of course) during peak times of the year. To get the tons of mail delivered on time during such occasions, the USPS even hires seasonal postal workers to help out the regulars.

But if you can consider these disadvantages as part of the job then having a postal service career isn’t all that bad. You get competitive pay and a generous benefits package which include, among others, health insurance, life insurance, Thrift Savings Plan, Social Security and Medicare, paid leaves, and retirement plans.

The question now is: How do you become a USPS Postman? Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the USPS website ( and click on the Careers link at the bottom of the site. You will be able to find a lot of information about what it is like to work for this independent government agency. Browse through the pages so you get an idea of the workplace.
  2. Search for job opportunities. You can do an unrestricted search or look for job openings by keyword, location, or other criteria.
  3. To learn more about a job opening, click on the link and read the description that follows. You will learn about the benefits, requirements, and the duties and responsibilities associated with such an employment opening.
  4. If you want to apply for a particular opening, click on the “Apply” tab. You will be asked to create your own eCareer Profile if you haven’t done so yet. Make sure that you give a correct and working email address since all your correspondence will be emailed here. When you apply for a job opening, you will also be asked to take the Personality Characteristics and Experience Inventory test. This used to be Part D of the postal exam 473.
  5. Wait for the test information pack that will be sent to you. It will give you information on your postal exam date and orient you about the test. Study the materials well.
  6. Take the test. You need to get at least a minimum score of 70 to be able to pass but you need much more if you want to make it to the interview.
  7. Ace the interview.
  8. Pass the necessary background checks like drug tests, medical assessment, and criminal history check.
  9. Get the job. Attend trainings.
  10. Start working as a USPS postal worker!


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