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How to Advance in your US Postal Service Career

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Congratulations! After acing a grueling postal battery exam, braving the interviews, and passing all other requirements, you are now finally a US Postal Service employee. It certainly wasn’t a walk in the park to finally become a US postal worker after such a competitive and long process so you certainly deserve a thumbs-up.

But there’s a pretty good chance that you don’t want to work all your life for an entry-level position with the USPS. While the pay and benefits package are quite competitive even for those who have just started, advancing up the career ladder is only natural once you become more adept and knowledge about your job.

The question now is: How do you advance in your US federal postal career?

First of all, you have to do your job well even as a newbie. Certainly, you will make mistakes and have lapses when you’re still learning but learn from them so you don’t repeat them. Keep the errors to a minimum as much as possible. Don’t grumble when asked to do overtime work. After all, these are paid and you’ll be making a good impression to your postmaster if you do. If it is really impossible to accommodate a particular schedule, explain why and offer to take another time.

Then, take advantage of the career development programs that the USPS has for its employees. For example, they have the Associate Supervisor Program which trains the best candidates for first-line supervisory positions. The ASP is a 16-week program for those who want to become leaders in the USPS, combining classroom training and on-the-job assignments.

If you have what it takes to become a manager then the USPS Managerial Leadership Program is something to check out. This two-week program is for headquarters and field employees, EAS Level 19 and above. The training is based on the Managerial Competency Model and participants are trained in the interpersonal and developmental aspects of leadership as well as training on how to manage difficult business conversations.

The Advanced Leadership Program is for non-executives who have been identified and sponsored by an Executive and approved by their Vice-President. They are given training based on the Executive Competency Model and are taught business foundations, personal development, and business leadership and business case presentations.

Be sure to ask your supervisor about the requirements to be admitted to these programs. For as long as you work hard and qualify, you will certainly be on the road towards advancing in your career with the US Postal Service if you take advantage of these programs.


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