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How Temporary Postal Jobs Can Lead to a Permanent US Postal Career

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Seasonal or temporary postal assignments can lead to more permanent positions with the United States Postal Service. If you are savvy in your US postal job hunt and don’t want to compete with the throng who will take the postal exam 473/473-e postal exam, you can first begin as a temporary employee. By applying as a Temporary Rural Carrier (TRC) or a Postmaster Relief position, you don’t have to take any postal battery test but still get the necessary training which will work to your advantage when you apply for a permanent job later on.

While most postal openings are advertised in the USPS website, temporary job openings are sometimes not advertised. To find out if there are openings in your area, you need to go to your local post office or any post office location within reasonable distance from where you live. Talk to the postmaster and inquire for TRC positions. If they don’t have an opening, ask to be referred to a USPS location nearby looking for such. You can also leave your resume with them so that they can call you in case an opening comes up.

Once you are notified of an opening, go back to the office right away and fill in the necessary forms and comply with the other requirements such as a drug test and physicals. You also need to go to the job interview.

After you are accepted, you will be scheduled for a USPS job orientation which will take place for about 5 days, more or less. You will be paid by the hour so you don’t have to worry. If the training center is far from your place, you will also be reimbursed for your mileage costs. Another requirement is attending the Rural Associate Training for another week where you will be taught how to sort mail. You also need to schedule a day where you will ride around with the regular USPS mail carrier who you will substitute for and schedule days in the post office when you will train how to case mail. When you have sufficiently completed your training, you will then substitute for the regular carrier whenever he or she takes a day off.

The question now is: How can you use this temporary position to help you land a permanent postal position with all the benefits? Monitor for regular USPS mail carrier positions so you can apply for them when these will open up. Just make sure that you ace the postal exam 743 so that you will get called for an interview. If you are up against two other inexperienced candidates, you will most likely be the first choice since you already received the necessary training and real postal experience.

The bottom line is this: Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you need to shell out precious dollars to get a US postal job.


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