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Hiring Regulations of the U.S. Postal Service

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The U.S. Postal Service constantly needs manpower to ensure that it will continue to do its job. Every hour, the USPS processes 23 million mail pieces in its various facilities all over the nation. Six times a week, they do this and go into overtime especially during peak seasons, just to get the job done. Postal workers keep the Postal Service running and as such, USPS management has to be certain that they hire people who can keep up with the rigors of the job. To be able to do this, they follow stringent hiring regulations.

First of all, applicants have to meet the citizenship and age requirements. Since this is a federal agency, only American citizens or green card holders are eligible to apply. Citizens of American Samoa and other lands who have pledged allegiance to the U.S. are also eligible. They also need to be 18 years old before they can apply although 16 years olds are accepted for as long as they already have a high school diploma. Male applicants born after 1959 must also be registered with the Selective Service.

Next, prospective applicants must be able to read, write, understand, and speak English – the main language of the United States. Even if an applicant is proficient in other languages, these will not impress the USPS hiring authorities if they do not have at least a basic understanding of the English language.

Third, applicants must take and pass the postal battery exam requirements. Most of the entry-level career positions in the United States Postal Service have an exam requirement and to be included in the eligible roster, they need to get a high score. Because there are usually fewer positions than there are applicants, a postal battery exam is always competitive. Preparing for any postal test that you need to take is a must.

Fourth, applicants must be able to pass the pre-employment requirements. These usually include a criminal history record check, a drug check, and a medical assessment that determines if they can reasonably perform the requirements of the job.

Finally, if the postal employment position requires the postal worker to drive, the USPS usually requires that applicants demonstrate a safe driving record. The vacancy announcement will outline the events and other factors that will automatically disqualify someone applying for this position. This can include but are not limited to accidents caused by the applicant’s negligent driving and having his or her license revoked for a certain number of years.

The USPS hiring process can take anywhere from a few months to as long as two years. Applicants have to go through each step of the process and even when they get hired, they have to be on probation for a certain time frame. Supervisors will recommend them for permanent positions based on their performance during the probation period.


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