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Getting to Know the USPS Office of the Inspector General

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When we talk about the USPS, we always associate them with mail carriers, mail handlers, and postal clerks. Because they are the most visible employees of the Postal Service that we get to interact with on a daily basis, it’s easy to think that they are the only components of this federal mail organization. Well, that’s having a very limited view of the USPS.

The United States Postal Service is not only a Federal service-oriented organization, it is also a huge business. It rakes in $73 billion in revenue and has 800,000 employees and contractors in its roster. With over 140 million delivery points and 37,000 postal facilities, it’s easy to see that maintaining the integrity and accountability of the Postal Service is going to be a tough challenge if there was no office specifically tasked with such a responsibility.

The job of the Office of the Inspector General of the USPS (USPS OIG) keeps the integrity of the US Postal Service to its clients by performing audits and investigations. Although under the USPS, the OIG is an independent agency that can do their independent audits and investigations of various programs and operations within the organization to determine if they contribute to its bottom line. Because of what the OIG does, postal crimes are deterred and fraud, waste, and wrongdoing, are prevented.

The OIG also has its own online recruitment system for those who want to be auditors, investigators, and professional support personnel. Openings are listed in their own website at and those interested for any postal job openings can click to apply online where they will be taken to the official federal jobs website at USAJOBS where full details on the job description, requirements, deadlines, and how to apply are provided. You may also contact the USPS OIG thru phone or email if you have inquiries for various positions. The contact information can are as follows: Phone: 703-248-2100; Email:

They also have an internship program for college students. The Student Cooperative Program of the USPS OIG is also another avenue where students can explore other job opportunities for employment with the USPS.

Working for the USPS OIG means getting an array of benefits. These include alternative work schedules with flexible hours and annual leaves. Their Annual Leave Exchange Program, according to their website, “allows eligible employees, with an opportunity to receive cash in exchange for earned leave.”


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