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Functions of the U.S. Postal Service

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We know the United States Postal Service functions to deliver mail. From letters to parcels to commercial mail (for as long as they’re legal, of course) everything goes through this independent federal agency. Compared to private mail companies, the Postal Service gives the American public more value for their money, allowing mail to reach the farthest destinations in the United States for as low as 46 cents each.

But did you know that the Postal Service does more than simply deliver mail? It performs other functions as well. Of course, these are related in one way or another to mail.

One function that is closely related to its work in delivering mail is sorting. Main sorting centers are present in different various cities to ensure that the tons of letters and parcels are delivered to the correct post offices. If they don’t sort mail first, it would take a long time for mail to arrive to their intended recipients.

The United States Postal Service also rent out post office boxes or P.O. Boxes. They have various sizes of P.O. Boxes that they rent out to individuals and businesses who want to get their mail from there. Another function of the USPS is to hold your mail. Say you are off to a world tour for a month and no one would be left home. You don’t want your lawn to be filled with packages and your mailbox overflowing with letters. That would make your house an easy target for thieves. You can go online and schedule the Postal Service to hold your mail for you. They will only restart delivering your mail when your return.

If you are changing residences, you can also ask the Postal Service to forward your mail to your new address. You can change your address online and the USPS will even give you valuable tools to help you with your move.

Another function of the U.S. Postal Service is to help businesses advertise through mail and reach more people. They help business owners, especially those who have just started their entrepreneurship venture, to create mail campaigns from their computer and send them to prospective customers. Whether you want customized market mail, direct mail, political mail, or want to send product samples, the Postal Service has the tools you need.

The U.S. Postal Service provides various other functions to its customer base. If you want to learn more about the other services that they give to postal clients, simply go online on the USPS website ( or ask the friendly postal worker in the post office nearest you for the details and pricing.


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