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If there is anything that Postal Service workers, specifically the mailmen, are never short of, it’s fun stories. After all, they encounter everything on their routes when they deliver mail and since they do this in almost all kinds of weather, they are bound to encounter interesting people and situations along the way.

But did you know that the United States Postal Service itself is full of fun and even amazing information that will certainly amuse and enlighten you. If you are a prospective Postal Service employer just waiting for the results of your postal battery exam then these facts will serve to educate. But if you are just a postal customer then these will make for light and pleasurable reading.

For example, do you know how big the biggest post office is? It measures a whopping 393,000 square feet and is found in New York, NY. This is the James A. Farley Post Office. In contrast, the smallest post office can be found in Ochopee, FL. The Ochopee Main Post Office only has an area of 61.3 square feet. The hottest post office is “located as you would have guessed” in Death Valley, CA while the coldest can be found in the North Slope area of Alaska and includes Barrow and Wainwright.

If you happen to live in Arkansas, then that is where the westernmost and northernmost post offices are located. The westernmost is located in Wales, AK while the northernmost is in Barrow. The one in Lubec, ME is the easternmost post office and the southernmost post office can be found in Key West, FL.

Here’s a more interesting piece of information: The Post Office in Point Roberts, WA is the one that most needs a bridge. You see, to reach there by car, you need to drive through British Columbia, Canada. If you want to get to the post office directly, you have to go by boat or float plane. Another interesting post office is the one sitting on the border of TN and VA. This Post Office has two different ZIP Codes and services clients from Bristol, TN and Bristol, VA.

As far as streets go, did you know that the longest Main Street in America is 33 miles long? It is located in Island Park, ID and has ZIP code 83429. There are five common street names in the country. Chances are, you live in a place where the street name is Second, Third, First, Fourth, and Park. Insofar as city names go, Franklin is the most common one. There are around 32 cities all over the U.S. named Franklin. Arlington, Clinton, and Washington are also quite popular city names.


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