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Fun Facts about the United States Postal Service

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If you are looking for US Postal Service employment opportunities, you’re probably pressured at the thought of having to obtain a very high score in the postal battery exam to get a shot at an interview. It’s understandable. While the minimum score that you need to obtain is 70, only those who have scores in the high 90s often get the chance of advancing to the next level in the hiring process. But if you feel the stress level coming on while midway in your exam preparations, it’s time to get a few minutes’ of rest and relaxation. By reading fun facts about the USPS, it’s possible to take your mind off your postal exam without, ironically, taking your mind off the Postal Service.

Did you know that you can send a letter for just 45 cents anywhere in the U.S. and its territories through the USPS? So if you feel like wanting to send a message to your loved ones living miles away from you, snail mail is still cheap and reliable. Yet, the USPS is far from obsolete. They also have one of the largest email systems in the world today. They also deliver more than a billion emails to more than 200,000 email accounts yearly.

Did you know that the most extraordinary post office in the United States is located in Peach Springs, Arizona? It has walk-in freezers for food that is designed to be delivered by mule train to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Delivery by mule trains is also considered as the most unusual of all delivery modes employed by the USPS. Around 130 pounds of mail, food, supplies, and furniture are carried by each mule down the 8-mile trail each week to the Havasupai Indians living in the Grand Canyon’s bottom.

Did you know that the only link for the 300 residents living in the far north of Alaska is the post office? The most isolated USPS location is the Anaktuvuk Pass Post Office where everything must be flown by plane since roads are non-existent.

Did you know that 12345 is the easiest Zip Code to remember? It belongs to the General Electric in Schenectady, NY.

Did you know that the most common name for a post office is Clinton? The second most common name is Madison and tied for third are Franklin and Washington.

Of course, our short list of fun facts wouldn’t be complete without the smallest and the largest post offices. Did you know that the Ochopee Main Post Office in Ochopee, Florida is only 61.3 square feet? It is the smallest. In contrast, the James A. Farley Post Office in New York, NY is 393,000 square feet and is the largest.


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