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Entry-Level Jobs in the US Postal Service

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The United States Postal Service employs more than 700,000 individuals in career positions all over the country. As an independent Federal agency, the USPS provides a very rewarding compensation and benefits package for all its regular full time postal employees. These include a very competitive starting pay, health and life insurances, generous retirement plans, paid leaves, flexible spending accounts, thrift savings plans, among others.

Thus, it’s easy to understand why entry-level positions with the USPS are sought-after and the pressure to pass the postal exam 473/postal exam 473-e is always on with prospective candidates for postal clerk, mail handler, and letter carrier positions.

In this post, we will describe what these entry-level jobs are and what their work entails.

City Carrier

The most in-demand job with the USPS, city carriers deliver or collect mail. They do so either on foot or by driving a vehicle. They also sort mail prior to delivery and are expected to collect payments for cash on delivery (COD) parcels as well as get receipts for certified, insured, or registered mail. You should be physically fit for this job as you will be required to carry bags that can weigh up to 35 pounds and load and unload trays weighing up to 70 pounds. Walking, lifting, and stretching are all part and parcel of your everyday routine. Finally, you are required to do your job no matter what the weather condition is.

Mail Processing Clerks

Automated mail-processing equipment, bar code readers, and bar-code sorters are the world of mail processing clerks. They are required to operate, maintain, and even troubleshoot these equipment. Their job will also require them to manually sort mail, bundle them, and even transport and load mail containers into trucks. Lifting, carrying, and standing for long hours at a time are part of the job so physical fitness is necessary.

Mail Handlers

Another entry-level career job requiring physical strength, mail handlers are tasked with transporting mail either manually or with a forklift to various areas of a mail facility. They are required to push heavy rolling containers and carry mail containers that can weigh up to 70 pounds. If a forklift is used, they are required to know how to operate one.

Sales, Service, and Distribution Associates

Of all the entry-level jobs in the USPS, the work of the sales, service, and distribution associates is the one that is less physically demanding. They are in-charge of direct sales and customer support. They sell stamps and provide other services in the postal facilities that they are assigned to. They must be able to complete an on-the-job training program before they can work in these capacities. Obviously, great interpersonal skills are required for applicants in these positions.


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