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Duties of a Casual Postal Worker

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Looking for an opportunity to earn an additional $12 per hour and work part-time for 20 to 36 hours a week? You can explore casual postal employment jobs with the United States Postal Service. Obviously, being a casual worker means that you will be classified as a non-career employee and as such will not receive any benefits apart from your hourly wage.

On a supplemental capacity, you will handle, process, deliver, collect, and transport mail and/or perform custodial functions. That means that when the regular postal worker is not around, you will take his or her place. Your work schedules are flexible and reporting times vary but you must be available to work weekends and even during holidays.

What are the duties of a casual postal worker? Well, you can expect to distribute and/or case all classes of mail; deliver mail on a prescribed route and collect mail from collection boxes; and cull or cancel mail. You also need to be physically fit as you can expect to load, unload, and move bulk mail. You can also empty it from mail bags and hampers and load it into mail containers. You might be required to operate related mail equipment to perform these duties successfully. You may also be assigned to do custodial, cleaner, and other types of manual labor as well as other miscellaneous duties.

Expect to have interaction with the public as you may be required to perform sales and services associate window duties at certain times. You are also required to exercise normal protective care for the equipment and materials you use as well as have a normal regard for your safety and that of others.

Take note that for you to be a casual postal worker for a particular post office, you need to live within 50 miles of the facility to be eligible for the position. You can apply directly to the office looking for casual postal workers or submit applications online through the USPS website (

Admittedly, a casual postal worker does not receive any benefits. However, this can lead to a career-track position in the future. Try to learn all you can while you’re on the job and while you’re at it, continue your search for regular full-time positions with the USPS. You will be asked to take a postal battery exam (e.g. postal exam 473-e) and if you obtain a high score, you can expect to be hired in a career position with all the perks and benefits because you already have experience on the job.


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