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Do Americans Need the US Postal Service?

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In this highly-digital world, there are some individuals who might consider the United States Postal Service as an outdated institution. That the USPS is old is a factual statement. At 238 years old, it is almost as old as America itself and can aptly be called “antiquated.” But “outdated” it certainly is not.

We may be in the technological age where paperless communication has reduced the need for such postal services as first class mail but the USPS still continues to remain a part of people’s lives. For starters, delivery of parcels and mail for the remote and rural areas in the United States would be severely hampered if the USPS were to close. In far-flung towns and cities all over the country, the post office remains the only connection to the outside world. If lone post offices in these areas were to close (and it has happened to some since the Postal Service started to close facilities in an effort to cut costs), residents would lose the only tangible link they have to friends and family who are in other states or in the cities.

Americans, especially the elderly and those with medical conditions, still need the US Postal Service to deliver their prescription medications. Without the extensive fleet (more than 200,000 vehicles) of the US Postal Service, life-preserving drugs would not reach those who need them at the most affordable cost. Aside from medicines, the United States Postal Service is also the channel for other deliveries that customers order in the many shops selling goods online. While first-class mail has dwindled, the purchase of books, gadgets, appliances, accessories, and other items online has increased. For businesses like these to continue to thrive, they need the affordability and efficiency that only the USPS can offer.

The USPS is the backbone of the U.S. Mail industry. While there are private mail carriers that also operate in the country and gives the same services as the USPS, their network is not as extensive as that established by the Postal Service. In some cases, when a private mail carrier is not able to finish the delivery because the location is not within their reach, they let the USPS finish the delivery. There is also no contest as far as prices go. U.S. Mail charges far less for their postal services, allowing everyone to avail of these.

Yes, Americans will still need the U.S. Postal Service. Until and unless the concept of delivery becomes outdated and technology will find some way to make instant delivery of physical packages possible straight from your computer then the United States Postal Service will still remain relevant and necessary.


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