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Criteria for Evaluating Postal Exam Study Guides

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Working for the US Postal Service means getting generous pay and amazing benefits that include health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, thrift savings plans, and paid leaves. However, because there are fewer vacancies compared to the number of workers who want to become postal employees, competition is tough. And one way to get ahead of the rest is to see to it that you ace the postal exam that you are scheduled to take. By getting a very high score, you secure yourself a chance to be called for an interview.

Postal exam study guides will greatly help you as you prepare to take a particular postal battery test. These will give you important information about the test like instructions and general guidelines for each section. More significantly, it will also provide you with sample test questions for you to work on so you can familiarize yourself with the kinds of items that you will encounter in the test.

But as you may already know, not all study guides are created equal. There are postal exam study guides that will not help you prepare for the test. In fact, if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones who have bought these poor study guides, you are doing your exam preparations a disservice. You might end up failing the test because of it.

To prevent this from happening, you should evaluate any postal exam study guide you intend to buy using the following criteria:

  • Make sure that the study guide is updated. Postal exam 473-e, for example, is already the electronic version of what was once a pencil and paper 473 test. Thus, using an electronic study guide which simulates what you will most likely find in the real test will be to your advantage. You should only use a physical book to get a general idea of what the test is about but when preparing to answer the questions, you get better mileage by using an electronic study guide.
  • See to it that the author or creator of the study guide is qualified. The author should have the credentials to prepare the test. For example, he or she could be a long-time postal worker who has taken the postal test countless times at various occasions so as to be able to give readers valuable information about it. If the study guide is prepared by a company, then make sure that it is a reputable study guide maker.
  • The study guide should give direct and substantial information about the test. Every paragraph should be constructed so as to give valuable data to the test-taker. Less fluff is better.


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