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Traditional postal jobs with the USPS include that of letter carriers, mail handlers, postal clerks, and sales and distribution associates. When it comes to postal careers, these positions are the ones that come in mind. However, did you know that these are not the only jobs available within the United States Postal Service System?

Not many people know this but there are also corporate jobs within the federal postal system. Admittedly, only a handful of applicants would be interested in these since they are only for those who already have received advanced training and knowledge on a specific field. Unlike other postal service jobs which are regularly posted on the USPS website (, corporate employment opportunities are rarely posted.

Corporate jobs with the USPS fall in very diverse fields. They run from accounting/finance to information technology to architecture to labor relations to economics to education. The US Postal Service may also have corporate openings for those with experience in the legal field, marketing/advertising, public affairs, government relations, engineering, real estate, sales, statistics, strategic planning, supply management/purchasing, emergency preparedness, and healthcare. Corporate postal careers can sometimes be available for human resources, employee development/training, and labor relations.

As mentioned above, these corporate jobs are posted on an as-needed basis. Thus, it would be impossible to state what the salary ranges are for these corporate opportunities. Every time the USPS has a need for someone with expertise and experience in a particular field, they will post the job opening together with the pay and benefits information as well as the responsibilities incumbent in the position. Prospective applicants for USPS corporate positions should read the announcement carefully as requirements and the application process are detailed there as well.

Unlike other traditional postal jobs, corporate positions in the USPS usually do not require applicants to take an exam. Rather, candidates are asked to provide proof of their credentials which will serve as the basis by which USPS will be able to decide if they are fit for the position or not. The interview will also be a very important determinant in these positions.

Needless to say, competition can be very tough for these corporate jobs. But by taking the time to build your application and craft your resume well, you will have an edge over the other candidates. Postgraduate degrees and years of experience in similar fields will certainly propel your application forward as well.


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