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Complimenting a Postal Worker

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The main task of U.S. postal workers is to deliver mail; no matter what the weather. This is pretty obvious in a creed found in many post offices: Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. This has included delivering mail even at the height of Hurricane Sandy when the stock market closed and going to business-as-usual less than 24 hours after the 9/11 attacks.

Indeed, postal workers are dedicated in their profession and it would be difficult to imagine what life would be like if they were to suddenly just disappear. While the Internet has made connecting with friends and family easier, it has not reached the remotest areas in the country. For them, the only means of communication to the outside world is the post office.

Even in urban areas where postal facilities are located close to each other, postal workers are instrumental in ensuring that we get our parcels; that book you ordered from Amazon, that designer dress you got from eBay, those organic food stuffs you bought from an online shop. Even the maintenance medicines you ordered from an online pharmacy are shipped through the channels of the United States Postal Service.

Indeed, it would be difficult to imagine life without the all-too-familiar face of the postman doing his or her rounds in your neighborhood. And they don’t just work to deliver mail. Many times, in the course of their rounds they encounter people who need help and despite the deadlines they have to beat to get their work done on time, they go out of their way to help them. The USPS has named more than 300 postal heroes because of their worthy deeds.

There is no doubt that you have encountered friendly postal workers at one point (or even more). If you forgot to say your “thank you” or feel that your “thank you” then wasn’t enough, you can do that by emailing the USPS through the compliment form found on the contact page of the USPS website ( Simply choose “compliment” from the pull down menu. You will be asked to choose whether your compliment is about “Receiving Mail” “Sending Mail,” “Buying,” “Customer Service,” or “About USPS.” The rest of the steps that you need to follow to submit your compliment are pretty much self-explanatory.

So the next time a friendly postal worker gives you a helping hand, don’t hesitate to let USPS management know about it. You’ll not only be giving positive feedback to that employee (which will be good for his or her record) but encouraging other postal workers to do good as well.


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