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Coding and Memory Test of Postal Exam 473-E: Some Memory Tips

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The Coding and Memory section of the postal exam 473-e is perhaps one of the most challenging in this very rigorous exam requirement for anyone wishing to get a US postal career. In this test, you are required to answer 36 items in 6 minutes for the Coding section and another 36 items in 7 minutes for the Memory section. Obviously, the time limitations alone are something to cringe at.

Another reason why you are on dangerous waters in these parts of the postal exam 473-e is because you can’t just guess if you are already pressed for time. If you do and you guessed wrongly, points will be subtracted from your test which can potentially lower your exam score.

Since these parts of the exam rely mostly on your ability to memorize codes to be able to arrive at the correct answer, then one of the things you should do is to sharpen your memory while preparing for the test. One effective way to do this is to make use of association techniques. Instead of memorizing items like streets and codes by simply just repeating them to yourself over and over again, try associating each one with something that can easily be remembered. For example, if you are given a name like 100-500 Clinton Street then you can try visualizing a former president walking on a road with the numbers on the posts or any other visualization that makes the numbers and names stick together.

Called mnemonic exercises, you can also try associating numbers with words, such as sun for 1, shoe for 2, tree for 3, and so on. By associating easy-to-remember words that rhyme with any number from 0 to 9, it will be easier for you to remember three numbers by putting the words together. For example, 123 can be “sun shoe tree” so if you are given an address like 1-33 Flower Lane, then you can imagine walking under the sun in a lane with many trees and flowers.

Do not discount the importance of nutrition and exercise in enhancing your memory. Regular workouts allow oxygen to circulate around your body which promotes better memory function. Taking a brisk walk or jog everyday does not only improve heart health and makes you lose weight, it also helps you prepare for the Coding and Memory portions of the postal exam 473-e. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet also allow you to get the B-vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and folic acid which also improve your ability to think clearly and remember things better.


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