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Close to 2,000 Applicants for Postal Jobs in Ohio

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As the closing date for all City Carrier Assistant position applications fell last Sunday, the United States Postal Service received an overwhelming response. Nearly 2,000 applicants sent in their applications for these postal jobs in Ohio. They are competing for only 950 postal job openings across the Northern Ohio District for City Carrier Assistants. Most of the openings are found in Cleveland and Akron.

City Carrier Assistants (CCA) replaced what were once known as “transitional employees”. CCAs receive lower pay at only $15 per hour compared to what transitional employees used to get. They get a better chance of advancing to career positions, however. As non-career employees, CCAs only do not get retirement benefits and regular hours. But after their first year, CCAs do become eligible for health care benefits as required by law. The CCA position was formed after a deadlock between the USPS and the National Association of Letter Carriers was settled by an arbitration panel.

Because there are more applicants than there are positions, one of the major determinants of who gets hired is the result of the Postal Service Test 473. This is an aptitude test that aims to find out if an applicant can perform the requirements of the job as a CCA. It is comprised of three parts: Part A is on Address Checking; Part B is on Forms Completion; and Part C is on Coding and Memory. Each part is under time pressure and except for Part B there will be deductions on the test score for every incorrect answer so that pretty much leaves guessing out of the equation.

If you are one of those who are scheduled to take the postal exam 473 for this City Carrier Assistant job opening in Ohio then you need to prepare well so you can ace the test and move forward in the hiring process. Get hold of a postal exam study guide so that you get to understand how this postal battery test works. Familiarizing yourself with the instructions for each part is also crucial to helping you finish the test with flying colors.

Make sure that you answer the practice drills given in these postal study guides. These sample test questions will enable you to get a feel of what the real test items are going to be like. By practicing these drills under the same time pressure as in the real exam, you will exercise your speed and accuracy; two very important skills that you need to develop to succeed in this test.

Once you have aced the postal exam 473 and get called for an interview, you need to prepare for it as well. Dress formally for this day and make sure that you arrive on time. Be honest in your responses all the time.


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