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Can you Cram for a Postal Battery Test?

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To answer the title of this question, you need to determine the type of postal exam that you will be taking. Candidates who wish to be postal workers need to take a certain type of postal test administered by the USPS before they can advance to the next part of the hiring process which is the interview.

For around 90 percent of future postal workers, the test that they will most likely be taking is 473-e. This is for prospective mail handlers, letter carriers, sales associates, and distribution associates. It is comprised of three parts, Address Checking, Forms Completion, and Coding and Memory. This is an aptitude test to determine if you have the skills and abilities needed to succeed in your job as a USPS worker.

Again, the question gets asked: Can you cram for the postal exam 473-e? If you look at study guides available for this test, you will see that the questions are very elementary. What really puts the pressure on is the time limit imposed on the different parts of the test and the deductions on your score should you give the wrong answers (for the Address Checking and Coding and Memory sections).

Technically, you don’t even have to study for this test so you can cram for it. But what you must concentrate on when you do cram is to familiarize yourself very well with the instructions. You have to know how to go about answering the test questions to maximize your speed and accuracy.

For postal exam 955 which is required by all technical maintenance jobs, cramming would virtually be impossible. The topics covered in this test are extensive and you need to have a strong background in these technical areas. Come to think of it, if you already have held maintenance mechanic or electronic technician jobs prior to applying for a USPS position then you might just be able to prepare for your test in a day or two. But keep in mind that you need to have a clear grasp of the theories involved in your line of work to successfully pass this the 955 test.

Data Conversion Operator applicants are required to take postal exam 710. It’s basically a test that measures your clerical and verbal abilities. It would virtually be impossible to do a review of the mathematical, vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension portions in one night. Cramming for the 710 is definitely a no-no as it would be difficult to let the concepts stick given such a short time period.

For postal exam 943/944 which all prospective automotive mechanics and automotive technicians have to take, cramming would not do you any good. You need to have a number of years of training and experience in automotive work if you want to hack this test. What you need to review on will be the theories to supplement your practical experience and you need time to read up on these, especially if you have been on the “field” for a long time.


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