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Can Study Guides Make you Pass the Postal Battery Exam?

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A concern for many applicants for postal jobs is whether or not they will ace the postal battery test. Whether you want a postal job in New York, a postal job in Indiana, a postal job in Georgia, a postal job in Massachusetts, or any other postal service location in the country, you need to take and pass a postal battery test to get your chance at an interview. If you can ace the postal test, you further increase your chances.

To be able to reach this end, many applicants turn to postal exam study guides published by various authors and companies. These can be purchased in your local bookstore or even online. Some websites proudly advertise that the study guides they sell are designed to help you ace the postal test 473 ¬Ěthe most common exam for many postal service employment opportunities.

This claim leads many prospective test-takers to ask: Can these study guides really make you pass the postal battery test? We believe that the answer depends on two things: 1) The quality of the study guide and 2) How you make use of it.

If you want a postal study guide to work for you, it has to be one that is really well-made. You have to see to it that the study guide is made by a reputable author or study guide company. It has to be relevant and full of practice drills that will help you hone your test-taking skills. The guide should give you a realistic view of what to expect during the test and tips on how best to tackle its various parts in the fastest but most accurate way possible. In short, the study guide you use must be comprehensive.

Next, passing the postal exam 473 depends on how you make use of the guide. If you have an excellent study guide in your hands, all you need to do is actually use it and follow the instructions found therein. Work on the sample exam questions, read the instructions, and internalize the tips. By doing so, you will have made your preparations as complete as possible.

A postal study guide itself cannot guarantee you a passing score in the postal battery test. No matter how good the guide is, if you won’t use it, you won’t be able to make it to the eligible roster of candidates. On the other end of the spectrum, no matter how religiously you read a postal guide from cover to cover, if it is an outdated and poor guide, you won’t be able to maximize your reviews.

Use a quality postal exam guide, study it well, and believe that you can pass the test and you will ace the postal battery test.


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