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You just received good news from the USPS: Your postal battery exam 473 score was so high that you are among those who are called to advance to the interview. At this point, you will receive an employment notification from the Postal Service which details the next steps of the hiring process. This is by no means an assurance that you are already hired for the job. Rather, this notification will contain the instructions that you need to follow to be able to advance until you become officially a part of the Postal Service team.

Whether you receive the notification by mail or email, there is one thing that you should do: You should read it carefully. By carefully, we don’t mean cursory reading, we mean word-for-word reading and understanding so that you will know if there are additional requirements that you need to comply or documents that must be mailed.

Most of the time, the USPS will ask you to fill out a form or two which gets more details from you for the background check that they will conduct prior to giving you a job. You need to answer these carefully and make sure that you send back these forms to them within their given time frame. If you don’t, they will take your lack of or even late response as a sign that you are no longer interest in Postal Service employment. This will result to a removal of your name from the register list and you will not receive any call or email from them again about the position that you have just been considered for.

The USPS will then conduct all the necessary background checks and schedule you physical and mental checkups. After you have passed all these and your criminal history record is clean, they will then offer you the position. At this point, you officially have a job, although you are still technically on “probation” before you can become a permanent employee.

The probation period lasts for 90 days and during this time, your immediate supervisor will keep a close watch your performance. He will give performance reviews after your 30th day on the job; another review after 45 days; the next after 60 days; and the fourth job performance review will be after 80 days. After your probation period, you will be told if you have made it as a permanent employee or not.

Needless to say, you need to take your job seriously while you’re on probation. You need to do your job as best as you can so that your supervisor will be more favorable towards retaining you permanently as part of the U.S. Postal Service workforce.


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