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United States Postal Service: Executive Leadership Team

The U.S. Postal Service is an independent federal organization that does not rely on taxpayer dollars to fund its operations. Through the sale of stamps and other products and services, the USPS is able to generate billions of dollars not only to sustain it as an agency but to expand it and give its postal employees a competitive pay and benefits package.

To ensure that the USPS continues to function efficiently and effectively, the Postmaster General has an executive leadership team that oversees specific aspects of the organization. Let’s take a look at what these executive positions are and the duties that their role encompasses. The names given are of those who currently occupy the position as of this writing.

Postmaster General (Patrick Donahoe): He acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the USPS. In short, he is the main man of the Postal Service and everything that postal workers has to have his blessing.

Deputy Postmaster General (Ronald Stroman): After the Postmaster General, he is the second highest-ranking postal executive. He strives to work with stakeholders of the mail industry to strengthen relationships, identify opportunities, and improve relationships with postal customers.

Chief Operating Officer and EVP (Megan Brennan). Reporting to the Postmaster General, she is responsible for all postal workers who work in the post offices and facilities all over the nation. The scope of her duties include overseeing from day-to-day the mail processing, transportation, field operations, delivery, retail, facilities, and network operations of the USPS.

Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President (Ellis Burgoyne). His task is to ensure that all systems and data management support the development of new products as quickly as possible. Reporting to the Postmaster General, he leverages the network to ensure that customer needs are met.

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President (Joseph Corbett). With annual revenues of more than $65 billion, someone has to be in charge of money matters and this falls on the shoulders of the Chief Financial Officer. The Strategy, Finance and Planning, Controller, Treasury, Accounting and Supply Management functions of the USPS are under his wing. He also chairs the corporate Capital Investment Committee.

General Counsel and EVP (Mary Anne Gibbons). When the USPS has legal issues, the go-to-person is the General Counsel. Government regulatory practice, torts, freedom of information, privacy, and employment law to postage rate cases, labor negotiations and work in legislative and international matters are just some of the areas that the General Counsel has her hands in.

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer and EVP (Nagisa Manabe). Reporting to the Postmaster General, the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer is responsible for all domestic and international products marketing, development and management. All things related to Postal Service Sales fall on her shoulders.

Chief Human Resources Officer and EVP (Anthony Vegliante). All things that have to do with the Postal Service’s 574,000 employees are managed by the Chief Human Resources Officer. His responsibilities include Labor Relations, Employee Development and Diversity, and Employee Resource Management.

President, Digital Solutions (Paul Vogel). He works to extend the current technology and data platform of the USPS in order to support the mailing industry and better serve the public.