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You’ve taken the postal battery exams, have aced the federal postal interviews, attended training, and are, for all intents and purposes, ready to take on the job of sorting and delivering mail or facing clients and providing excellent customer service. But are you really ready for the job?

Although you might be ready on the outside, there are still a lot of things to prepare for before you actually start with your USPS postal career. Try answering the questions below:

Are you ready to be on your feet most of the day? Postal workers, especially city carriers and mail handlers, perform their jobs by standing or walking for most of their working hours. Those assigned to deliver mail on foot should also have the stamina to walk to and from their routes. If you are not, you need to prepare. Exercising and eating a healthy diet will help you have the energy you need to do your job and do it well.

Are you ready to face clients? Postal workers have to face people. The different customers who have pass through the doors of the post office to have their mails delivered have different temperaments and life experiences. You have to be ready to provide the best service possible to them. If clients come to complain, you should know how to handle them so that they are appeased and the situation does not escalate.

Are you ready to work with people? You will be working with fellow employees who also come from diverse backgrounds. Sometimes they or you are going to have a bad day. You have to be able to deal with them during their “down” or “unreasonable” moments.

Are you ready to render overtime? During peak seasons, the postal service even hires additional seasonal postal workers to get all mail and parcels delivered on time to the right recipients. There is also a very big chance that regular workers like you will be called upon to render paid overtime. Can you meet this demand on your time after work?

Are you ready to face the dangers on your route? From dogs to society’s bad elements, postal workers have to contend with the natural dangers on the streets. If you have a game plan as to what you can do to protect yourself when faced with actual threats to your health and safety then you are most likely ready to have a USPS career.


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