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Delivering mail may seem like a simple job. After all, what could be more difficult than going to an address and giving the recipients their letters and parcels? Apparently, there are other considerations that you need to make before applying for a USPS job opening and scheduling yourself for a postal battery exam. You see, determining if you are cut out to be a postal service worker is essential before you take moves to further your USPS application. Answering some questions will help make your decision easier.

Are you ready to deliver mail on any type of weather? If you’re applying for a mail carrier position, you have to be ready to work outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions. A quote which you can find posted in many post offices will give you a better idea of what a postal worker’s job is really all about: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Are you ready to face dogs and other dangers while on your mail route? Dogs are another consideration as homeowners keep them to protect their property and their families. Of course, these canines are not always friendly to strangers so mail carriers; ankles are always the first on the line in case they get to open the gates before the homeowner does.

Are you ready to do jobs that become routinary once the skills are learned? Whether you are applying for a mail handler or letter carrier position, the jobs at the US Postal Service require a short learning curve. Once mastered, they become repetitive and to a certain degree, monotonous. If you are assigned as a mail handler in a processing plant, you will be working in an environment with these equipment without much social contact.

Can you drive carefully but quickly and safely? If you can drive a car while delivering mail then you need to be skilled. Not only must you navigate the roads safely, you should also be able to drive quickly enough to be able to deliver all mail within your set deadline.

Are you flexible with work times? During peak seasons like the holidays, the USPS is swamped with mail and parcels that need to be delivered. They even hire seasonal postal workers at this time to ensure that all mail get to their recipients on time. However, regular postal mail workers may also be asked to work overtime during days when the post office is literally swamped with mail.


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