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The US Postal Service Jobs has over 700,000 career employees that provide indispensable service to the nation. As one of the nation’s largest civilian employers, it services the more than 7 million customers who visit its more than 37,000 post offices scattered all over the nation 6 days a week. Because of the stability of a postal career and the attractive compensation and benefits package offered by the USPS, a US mail career is an attractive option for those seeking employment.

What types of US Postal Service job opportunities are available? Here’s a rundown of the job descriptions and the other qualifications needed for these US mail careers:

City Carriers are tasked with the delivery and collection of mail. They either do this on foot or by driving a vehicle. You need to be physically fit for this position as it requires you not only to do this job outdoors in all types of weather but carry a mailbag which, when full, can be as heavy as 35 pounds. In addition to this, they also have to collect, carry, load, and unload trays and boxes of mails that can weigh as heavy as 70 pounds. Thus, you need to have strength and flexibility as your duties will need you to standing, walking, lifting, and reaching for these parcels for long periods of time.

If you want to apply as a city carrier with the US Postal Service, you must have a current valid state driver’s license, at least a couple of years of documented driving experience, and a safe driving record.

Mail Processing Clerks sort mail. Part of their job description is the operation and monitoring of the performance of automated mail processing equipment. They may also be required to sort mail manually. After the parcels and mails have been sorted, they collate, bundle, and transfer these from one area to another. This position also requires physical strength and conditioning as the transfers can mean heavy lifting of containers.

Mail Handlers are tasked with the loading and unloading of boxes and containers that have mail by hand or by pushing heavy rolling containers. Once they have reached the part of the building where the containers should be placed, they are also tasked with opening and emptying them. Since these containers can go up to 70 pounds in weight, mail handlers must also be physically fit. They must also have the stamina to lift and push these containers during their work hours.

Sales, Services, and Distribution Associates also perform mail distribution tasks but their work leans more towards providing direct sales and customer support services in a retail environment. Before an associate gets placed in a position, they must complete an on-the-job training program.


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