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A U.S. postal career is sought after by many because of its comprehensive pay and benefits package and the stability that working for a Federal agency brings. City carriers, mail processing clerks, mail handlers, sales and distribution associates, and postal inspectors enjoy not only salary increases and a chance at advancing up the management ladder, they also get health and life insurances, and generous retirement savings plans.

But the road to getting a postal job is not easy. Because of the volume of applicants, it’s not unusual for applications to get processed for months or in some cases, even one or two years. If you want to increase your chances of becoming a US postal worker, you need to prepare yourself for the corresponding postal exam that you need to take to jumpstart your application process.

There are different kinds of postal exams that prospective USPS workers must take. Postal exam 473 is intended for those who are applying for entry-level career jobs like mail handlers, carriers, clerks, and sales associates. Postal exam 710 is primarily used for those seeking data conversion operator jobs while postal exam 955 is used for those who wish to fill technical maintenance positions. Those who are applying to be building equipment mechanics, maintenance mechanics, electronic technicians, area maintenance technicians, and mail processing equipment maintenance mechanics will need to take postal exam 955. Those who wish to become automotive mechanics with the USPS need to take postal exam 943 while those who are seeking for automotive technician positions need to take not only exam 943 but postal exam 944 as well.

Certainly, acing the postal exam that you intend to take is the goal of any prospective postal employee. The tests are competitive in the sense that only those who have the top scores get to advance to the next stage of the hiring process. Since postal exam 473 is the most popular-over 90 percent of all USPS job opportunities require this-this is most probably what you will take. If you want to ace this test, what you must first remember is that this is a test that determines whether you have the skills and aptitude necessary to perform the demands of the job. Knowledge of facts is useless as this is not like your usual conventional test. However, you can increase your chances of obtaining an excellent score by familiarizing yourself with the rules and the questions that will appear on the test.

Postal exam 473 is a time-pressured test so practicing using the free postal exam questions which you can find in the USPS website and a host of other Internet sources can help you prepare for the test. Don’t expect the same questions to appear on the official test that you will take, though, but the reviewers will help practice your mental faculties so you are better prepared to take the test.


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