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5 Useful Tips for a Fulfilling Postal Service Career

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Despite all the hard work and sacrifices that a job entails, working is what brings food on the table, sends the children to school, pays for the rent, and allows individuals and families to enjoy vacations and other luxuries. If you don’t enjoy what you do for a living, every day would be sheer torture as you would be doing your job without any internal motivation and higher purpose. Thus, it’s essential to be fulfilled in whatever it is that gives you income.

Just like in any company, working for the US Postal Service can mean a happy and fulfilling career for some individuals. For others, it can mean a day of drudgery. Certainly, you don’t want to belong to the latter. So here are some tips if you want to have a fulfilling career working for the U.S. Mail:

Decide if you really want to be a postal worker. Before you even think about taking a postal exam, you have to really think long and hard if you want to be a letter carrier all your life. Do you enjoy doing repetitive work, meeting deadlines, and delivering parcels and mail in snow, sleet, or storm If so then you might be cut out for this job. Otherwise, you need to reevaluate.

Get along well with your fellow Postal Service workers. Studies have shown that those who are most happy at their jobs are those who strive to form harmonious working relationships with their colleagues. Surely, you don’t want to meet a grouch every day at work so don’t be one. Treat everyone with respect – your boss, most of all and you will also get the same respect back.

Don’t neglect your health. Postal workers often have to stand on their feet for long hours. They have to carry, load, and unload containers and mailbags full of heavy mail. You need to make sure that your body can withstand the day-to-day strain by eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements upon the advice of your doctor also gives you stamina and strength.

Don’t neglect your family and/or social life. Your family is the reason why you work so hard. If you spend all your hours in the post office and put in a lot of over time, sooner or later you’ll find out that you had missed your children’s growing up years. They might even grow apart from you. Don’t let that happen. Unless your presence is direly needed (i.e. life and death situations), go home when office hours are over and spend quality time with your spouse and kids. When you have a reason to work, you’ll find the energy to become the best postal worker you can be.

Take each day as it comes. Don’t worry about deadlines too much. When the work day is over then it’s time to rest. Leave all your work-related troubles in the post office. Attend to them when the morning comes.


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